Welcome to LasVegasOffStrip!

On October 1, 2012 a new blog will launch, LasVegasOffStrip.

Las Vegas is the most American of cities, a melting pot of cultures from around the country and around the globe. It is a city passionate about freedom, full of beauty, talent and spirit.

Many tourists never venture far from the spectacle known as the Las Vegas Strip, but that is only one part of what makes the city great. Join me as I chronicle the bars, restaurants and attractions of the rest of Las Vegas. Eat Chicago style pizza for lunch, Vietnamese home-cooking for dinner and Hawaiian style oxtail soup for a hearty late-night snack. Get a steak dinner for $8 (with beer), or a bucket of shrimp for $4.50. Drink an authentic Zombie in a tiki bar or a Brandy Alexander in a modern speakeasy. Enjoy free concerts on the street and talented performances in the bars. Then venture a little farther afield and enjoy the serenity of the mountains or take in a free tour at a world famous American automaker.

I will cover all this and more, right here on this page. Subscribe to the RSS feed, or keep checking back, so you won’t miss a single tip or discovery.

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