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Babystacks LogoIn our quest to find new and interesting places to eat breakfast, I came across BabyStacks Cafe. I noticed that it seemed to be highly rated online and a lot of people had great things to say about it. Despite being more of an ‘eggs and homefries’ breakfast type (who is more than a little addicted to Omelet House), I figured it was worth a try.

When we first got there, there was a bit of a wait. It was around noontime and we seemed to have hit quite the local lunch crowd. The wait wasn’t long – around 15 minutes. And even during that time there were a lot of people coming in and out for takeout. A good sign.

The interior was fairly bright and modern, with wooden tables and chairs and a feature wall that had their logo. There was also a wall where they had hung a bunch coloring book-type images of their logo, colored and signed by a variety of children. A small bar towards the back had limited seating and a TV. We were told that seating at the bar was also by reservation/line number – as opposed to some places that let you bypass the tables to sit at the bar.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet Pancakes

Once seated we had to wait a few minutes to order. Not a big deal since they were very busy. Being unable to decide, I ordered a short stack of the red velvet pancakes and the carrot cakes with a glass of milk. The boyfriend ordered a coffee and their specialty Kalua Grilled Cheese.

The drinks came out quickly but the food seemed to take a long time. It seems as though the kitchen was a bit overwhelmed with all the orders, which was kind of understandable given the constant line at the door.

Short Stack

Short Stack

When the food came, I was immediately impressed by the size of the ‘short stacks’. They looked delicious and tasted even better. The carrot cakes tasted just like a carrot cake smooshed into a pancake. The red velvet pancakes had an incredible color to them and were better than any red velvet cake I have ever had. I didn’t even end up using much of the cream cheese syrup that everyone talks about in the reviews. The pancakes tasted great without it.

Kalua Grilled Cheese

Kalua Grilled Cheese

I also tried a bite of the Kalua Grilled Cheese. It consists of Kalua Pork with cheddar and muenster cheese on sourdough bread. I thought it tasted really good, even though I wasn’t really craving cheese right then. The fries were also quite tasty.

I have to confess, I didn’t actually finish my pancakes – but only because they were so filling. I don’t know how big the normal stack is but I couldn’t even finish the small stacks (despite some help from the boyfriend). Seriously, I would recommend sharing them with someone unless you are REALLY hungry.

This is a place I would definitely recommend. I plan on trying to make it back, myself. There are some Lemon Ricotta and Bacon pancakes with my name on them….

  • Babystacks has two locations: The one we visited at 4135 South Buffalo Drive Suite 101 (Spring Valley) and the original at 2400 North Buffalo Drive Suite 145 (Summerlin).
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