Bad Ass Coffee (Food Truck)

Bad_Ass_Coffee-truckLas Vegas has a number of gourmet food trucks serving up everything from Asian fusion burgers to shaved ice to coffeehouse style espresso drinks. I will be sharing a few favorites here as I discover them. This past week I found a great way to start the day in downtown Las Vegas.

Bad Ass Coffee Las Vegas was parked outside the Clark County Courthouse on 3rd (between Lewis and Clark) on Thursday morning. This is the same Bad Ass Coffee franchise that you might know from other cities, but in mobile form. Curious, I wandered up to the window. Inside the truck were all the accoutrements of a real coffee shop – whole beans, burr grinders, blenders, and a shiny espresso machine. The menu is posted on the window, with coffee and espresso drinks, smoothies and a couple of breakfast snacks. Prices are a touch lower than the brick and mortar coffeehouses I have been to in Las Vegas. They accept credit cards or cash, and were advertising “bacon drinks” which sounded a bit too adventurous to me at eight in the morning.

Bad_Ass_Coffee-menuThe owner and barista, John, is a native of Las Vegas who has been around long enough to remember Downtown’s last heyday. Yet, he is as excited as I am about the future of downtown. We made some small talk about the new restaurants, bars and attractions as he made my Mocha. I later followed his (and others) recommendation of Le Thai, and was quite happy I did. More on that soon. He was very friendly, with a wild-eyed energy that makes you think he might be sampling the product a bit. If he is, I can’t blame him. My mocha was a perfect balance of sweet chocolate and bitter espresso. Both the espresso and the chocolate used were of good quality.

I returned the next day to try his Kona coffee, black, which was medium bodied and very smooth. There wasn’t any hint of the over roasting or over extraction that can spoil an otherwise good cup. It was served a touch too hot for me, so I chose to let it cool for a few minutes before drinking. It would easily survive a short trip to the office, or back to your hotel and still arrive piping hot. John remembered me from the previous day, and welcomed me back. A nice personal touch. If you are near an area that the Bad Ass Coffee truck serves, it’s definitely worth stopping for some coffee and friendly chatter.

  • You can find out where the Bad Ass Coffee truck is, or will be next, by following their Twitter feed.
  • If you are looking to check out a bunch of Las Vegas food trucks all in one place, check out the Vegas Streats festival, this Saturday and every second Saturday at the El Cortez.

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