Rick’s Restorations: Reality TV, Take Two?

Rick Dale's Truck parked outside Rick's RestorationsNot long after Rick’s Restorations got their very own television show (American Restoration) they packed up their shop and moved closer to downtown Las Vegas – into a new, larger shop at 1112 South Commerce Street, a somewhat industrial area a short drive from the Fremont Street Experience. The new space has a decent sized lot out front for visitors to park, a room for each of the steps of restoration, a big yard for storing big stuff, and yes, a gift shop. Like Gold and Silver Pawn, they also have some History Channel merchandise for sale, but it’s not quite as plentiful or as in-your-face.

Brettly's Truck parked outside Rick's RestorationsRicks_Restorations-yardWhen I arrived there were no lines out front. There were half a dozen cool restored and rodded out cars in the lot, including Brettly’s truck, which looks even better in person than on television. Inside there weren’t a lot of people around. After a few minutes of browsing the shop, checking out some vintage coin-op machines and slot machines that were restored for the show, I was approached by a staff member who offered a tour.

The tour took about 15 minutes. The guide was personable and funny. He showed us the workshops and some more items from the show, adding in some details about the show and how it is presented that you wouldn’t learn without taking the tour. We also got to see a couple items that were featured in episodes that hadn’t yet aired. Overall, not a bad take… especially for the low low price of free.

Rick Dale posing with meAfter the tour I was browsing in the gift shop when my girlfriend spotted Rick Dale (owner and star of the show) on his way into the shop from outside. He was chatting with a lone fan. We went outside to join them.

In person, Rick is exactly as he is portrayed on television. He seems an honest, hard working guy that still hasn’t quite figured out why a bunch of strangers want to shake his hand. He was very gracious, shook my hand, made some small talk about the shop and let me get a picture with him. I hope the “fame” doesn’t ruin him or his shop.

Ricks_Restorations-vending-machinesGet there before the word gets out. It’s definitely worth the trip for any fan of the show, of antiques or of classic automobiles.

  • Rick’s Restorations holds a car show in their lot on the first Friday of each month from 5-8pm. Tours are available and you just might meet someone from the cast while you’re there.
  • There are some restored items available for sale in the shop. Many were featured on the show. Prices are in line with the quotes you see on TV.

Website: www.ricksrestorations.com
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