Sauced Food Truck: Awesome Balls!

Sauced MenuI didn’t have much appetite left when I caught up with the Sauced food truck at the Vegas StrEATS Festival, but with a menu item like “Big Easy Balls” I had to give them a try. Sauced menu is divided up into small plates and big tastes, with offerings of appetizers and sandwiches. The “Big Easy Balls” is considered a small plate ($4 for 1, $7 for 2, $10 for 3), and includes two golfball sized balls of deep fried goodness.

Big Easy Balls

Big Easy Balls

The “Big Easy” part is the fillings… including andouille sausage, chicken, rice, cheese and sriracha mayo. It’s a flavor straight out of New Orleas. The “Balls” part is the shape… big round textured balls filled with warm goodness. I’ve never had anything quite like them. They’re hot, moist but not greasy, with a crispy fried chicken type coating on the outside and the insides are bursting with texture and flavor. Awesome balls!

Sauced TruckBased on my small plate, I’ll definitely be back in line at the Sauced truck soon. Next time I’m trying the Loaded Fries with drunken cheese, bacon and jalapenos! How evil is that?

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