Sauced Food Truck: Awesome Balls!

Sauced MenuI didn’t have much appetite left when I caught up with the Sauced food truck at the Vegas StrEATS Festival, but with a menu item like “Big Easy Balls” I had to give them a try. Sauced menu is divided up into small plates and big tastes, with offerings of appetizers and sandwiches. The “Big Easy Balls” is considered a small plate ($4 for 1, $7 for 2, $10 for 3), and includes two golfball sized balls of deep fried goodness.

Big Easy Balls

Big Easy Balls

The “Big Easy” part is the fillings… including andouille sausage, chicken, rice, cheese and sriracha mayo. It’s a flavor straight out of New Orleas. The “Balls” part is the shape… big round textured balls filled with warm goodness. I’ve never had anything quite like them. They’re hot, moist but not greasy, with a crispy fried chicken type coating on the outside and the insides are bursting with texture and flavor. Awesome balls!

Sauced TruckBased on my small plate, I’ll definitely be back in line at the Sauced truck soon. Next time I’m trying the Loaded Fries with drunken cheese, bacon and jalapenos! How evil is that?

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Sin City Wings: The Word On The StrEATS

Sin City Wings taking ordersThe first truck I tried at the Vegas StrEATS Festival was Sin City Wings. It’s was easy to find. It’s a bright yellow truck with a big red wing logo on the side. Fans of the show “Doctor Who” will appreciate the blue police box on the side. They offer boxes of meaty deep fried chicken wings (bone-in) or tenders (boneless) with your choice of half a dozen homemade sauces for seven bucks. Sauces range from mild (The Feinberg – an apricot based sauce) to wild (The Oscar Goodman – made with ghost chilies… need I say more?). The wings may be southern style, but those super-spicy wings are really “Oscahhhh” Goodman style. The owners hail from closer to Southie (Boston) than the deep south. Don’t let that put you off though, they know how to cook!

There are also french fries ($5), fried pickles ($5) and pot stickers ($5). They serve Shasta brand soda cans for a buck. I chose to bring my wings back to my room where I could enjoy them with a cold Fat Tire – a great combination!

Bobby Q Wings

Bobby Q Wings

For my wings I went with the Bobby Q sauce. The wings came smothered in a brown sugar barbeque sauce similar to what you might get if you could buy Sweet Baby Rays sauce on the day it was made and spice it up just a touch. It had a nice balance between the sweet and the spice, and there was more than enough sauce to cover the tender juicy wings (bone-in), my fingers and my face. Like most truly good, eat with wild abandon foods, these wings are messy! Finger-licking and a pile of napkins may not be enough – get some moist towelettes or eat them in reasonable proximity to running water.

They sprinkled a few specks of fresh cilantro on top, adding more visual appeal. On the side was a small cup of creamy ranch dressing that did a good job of cutting the spice. There’s not really enough to smother all the wings, so save some for the end to keep the heat from lingering.

Sin City Wings Sauce MenuI must say, my wings were delicious! I’ll definitely be back to try more of their sauces – and those fried pickles!

  • The Sin City Wings Truck shows up at a lot of multi-truck events like the Vegas StrEATS festival.
  • Although the fries are a bit pricey at five bucks, they offer a special “box” price – $10 for wings or tenders and fries- a far better deal!
  • The best way to know where to get you wing fix is to follow Sin City’s Twitter feed.


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Fukuburger Truck: Seriously Juicy

One really great thing about Vegas, which I only discovered in the past year, is the variety of tasty food that you can get from food trucks. While we have some food trucks around Boston, they are few and far between….and only out when they weather is actually decent.

Fukuburger-#4-Kinoko-BurgerOne food truck we have returned to again and again is the Fukuburger truck. It first came to my attention when I was looking for a nearby place to eat and found all the rave reviews on Yelp. While I am not really a burger person, I found the description of the flavor combinations to be downright intriguing. It was basically Asian-fusion meets juicy burger. Who knew such things existed? When I found out I could even get garlic fries with my burger, I made it my mission to try it.

Fukuburger-#2-Tamago-BurgerThe key to trying them is finding them – and they have made that easier over time, As of right now you can go to (even on a phone) and find out where they are planning to be. Sometimes they mention a time but I’ve found that at an event they are pretty much there for the duration.

So let’s talk food. Rest assured that their burgers are seriously juicy, made with good meat and interesting toppings. My favorite burger has to be their Tamago burger which comes with teryaki sauce, wasabi mayo, onions and a big egg on it. It’s messy as all-get-out but it is so tasty! I also like the Kinoko burger or “mushroom burger”. The garlic fries are also very tasty, though they haven’t always had them when I’ve been there.

Fukuburger_Togarashi-Garlic-FriesI don’t want to give away too much of what they have but check out the photos. That should give you a good idea of what you are missing. Then look at the schedule and hall you butt over to the big red truck. Even if you see a line, rest-assured…it is worth it.

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Bad Ass Coffee (Food Truck)

Bad_Ass_Coffee-truckLas Vegas has a number of gourmet food trucks serving up everything from Asian fusion burgers to shaved ice to coffeehouse style espresso drinks. I will be sharing a few favorites here as I discover them. This past week I found a great way to start the day in downtown Las Vegas.

Bad Ass Coffee Las Vegas was parked outside the Clark County Courthouse on 3rd (between Lewis and Clark) on Thursday morning. This is the same Bad Ass Coffee franchise that you might know from other cities, but in mobile form. Curious, I wandered up to the window. Inside the truck were all the accoutrements of a real coffee shop – whole beans, burr grinders, blenders, and a shiny espresso machine. The menu is posted on the window, with coffee and espresso drinks, smoothies and a couple of breakfast snacks. Prices are a touch lower than the brick and mortar coffeehouses I have been to in Las Vegas. They accept credit cards or cash, and were advertising “bacon drinks” which sounded a bit too adventurous to me at eight in the morning.

Bad_Ass_Coffee-menuThe owner and barista, John, is a native of Las Vegas who has been around long enough to remember Downtown’s last heyday. Yet, he is as excited as I am about the future of downtown. We made some small talk about the new restaurants, bars and attractions as he made my Mocha. I later followed his (and others) recommendation of Le Thai, and was quite happy I did. More on that soon. He was very friendly, with a wild-eyed energy that makes you think he might be sampling the product a bit. If he is, I can’t blame him. My mocha was a perfect balance of sweet chocolate and bitter espresso. Both the espresso and the chocolate used were of good quality.

I returned the next day to try his Kona coffee, black, which was medium bodied and very smooth. There wasn’t any hint of the over roasting or over extraction that can spoil an otherwise good cup. It was served a touch too hot for me, so I chose to let it cool for a few minutes before drinking. It would easily survive a short trip to the office, or back to your hotel and still arrive piping hot. John remembered me from the previous day, and welcomed me back. A nice personal touch. If you are near an area that the Bad Ass Coffee truck serves, it’s definitely worth stopping for some coffee and friendly chatter.

  • You can find out where the Bad Ass Coffee truck is, or will be next, by following their Twitter feed.
  • If you are looking to check out a bunch of Las Vegas food trucks all in one place, check out the Vegas Streats festival, this Saturday and every second Saturday at the El Cortez.

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