Ellis Island Cafe: The Best Steak Special in Las Vegas – Update

According to the latest reports coming from Vegas Message Board, the Steak Special at Ellis Island Cafe now requires a coupon, without it the price jumps to $10.99. To get a coupon you need to swipe your Passport Players card at a kiosk near the players club counter. Thanks to “Redzone” from VMB for the head’s up.

The Fremont Street Music Festival: Update/Correction

This is an update/correction to The Fremont Street Music Festival: It’s on every night!, which appeared on October 3rd. Please accept my apologies for the error.

According to the latest press release, dated October 2nd, and schedule from the Fremont Street Experience, Alice and Ozzy’s Frightmare is not scheduled to appear this year. In its place they have added a new act called Drac and the Vamps, which promises to regale audiences with their favorite Halloween tunes. You can download the full October schedule from the Fremont Experience website. Click on the “Entertainment” tab, then click “Download Full Schedule”.

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