It’s the James, Dean show!

Congratulations to James, who just won his third Where In Vegas! He correctly identified the location of our photo (Benny’s Bullpen) in only 22 minutes. It’s James’ second consecutive win! You’ve got to be quick to beat this guy! Dean, our other two-time winner also piped up, but he held back on the answer and wasn’t quite quick enough to win. Thanks for playing!

We’ll be at it again early next month. Will we have a new winner for Where in Vegas 11?

Another Quick Win!

In just a few short hours, we got the correct answer to “Where in Vegas: Eight.” The photo was taken inside the parking garage at the Orleans Casino – a favorite place of mine to play and stay. Great job, Dean! This is Dean’s second win!

Thanks to those that participated. I’ll be sending Dean an email to find out which prize he wants and where to send it. If you haven’t won yet, stay tuned. We’ll be at it again next month!

Phew, That Was Quick!

There are some sharp readers out there! Robert just won our contest, getting the correct answer a mere twenty minutes after the contest launched! Great job!

If you didn’t win, don’t fret. We’ll be doing this all over again next month. So, remember what you see as you wander off strip in Las Vegas. You never know when that memory might come in handy!

Winner, Winner, Champagne Brunch!

This was the longest running Where In Vegas yet! After a few hints over a few days, Heather put it all together and came up with the correct answer for the win! She will be receiveing her voucher via email very soon.

The picture was taken in the Fremont Street Experiences offices on the 2nd floor above Walgreens. Up until the end of December 2012, some savvy folks used to pick up their sheet of coupons, good for discounts at a few of the downtown Hotel/Casinos that sponsor the FSE. Sadly, these coupons were discontinued at the end of the year.

Thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned for another contest at the beginning of next month. Join our RSS feed and you won’t miss our next contest or any of the great reviews and tips in between.

The Quickest Win Yet!

Congratulations to Phil, who got the correct answer to our “Where in Vegas” contest in just 24 minutes. A new record! If you didn’t win, make sure to join our RSS feed so you won’t miss our next contest or any of the great reviews and tips in between. Our next contest is only a month away!

Another Winner Already!

In just six hours we got the correct location of the photo from our third “Where in Vegas” contest. The photo was taken in the parking lot of the Pinball Hall of Fame on East Tropicana. Dean was the first to get it correct, and if he provides a US/Canadian address, he’ll be the proud owner of a brand new copy of the American Casino Guide 2013.

Thanks to all who participated. If you didn’t win, keep checking back. We’ll have another contest with another great prize early next month. We’ve got lots more great stuff to share with you, so join the RSS feed or keep coming back to the site, so you won’t miss a thing.

Our Second Winner, and in Record Time!

Congratulations to James, the winner of our second Where In Vegas competition. He was the first to correctly identify the location of the photo (Downtown Cocktail Room), and did so just 29 minutes after the contest launched!

If James emails me back with a US/Canadian address he will soon be the proud owner of an American Casino Guide 2013!

Thanks to all who followed along. No-one else got a chance to participate, as James was the first to answer. We’ll be doing this again each month, so subscribe to the RSS feed so you won’t miss out!

We Have a Winner!

Eric was the first to answer correctly. Congratulations, Eric! You’ve won the very first “Where in Vegas” contest.
West Flamingo Road in front of the Rio Las Vegas
The location in the photograph is West Flamingo Road by the Rio. The contest image was cropped from the bottom of a larger image, shown at left, which makes that fact a bit more clear:

Thanks to everyone who participated. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Look for a new contest next month. Join the RSS feed so you won’t miss it. I’m hoping to secure an even better prize for that one.