Where In Vegas: Number Nine

Another month, another Where In Vegas contest! Last month we had our first two-time winner! Dean is now the proud owner of two copies of the American Casino Guide 2013. He sure knows his Vegas! If you don’t want Dean to win them all, get your guess in quick!

Where In VegasHere’s your chance to win. Be the first to correctly identify where the photo at left was taken and you’ll get your choice of two fantastic prizes. Have you seen that snazzy blue and yellow sign before? Where In Vegas is it?

If you think you might know, get that guess in quick! Only the first correct answer wins. The sooner you guess, the better your chance of winning. The first correct answer gets their choice of two great prizes: A styling Las Vegas Off Strip t-shirt, unisex, size M, L, or XL. Very exclusive! Or, a copy of the American Casino Guide 2013.


  • One entry per person, please.
  • Due to the high cost of international shipping, I can only offer these prizes to those with a US/Canadian address.
  • You must provide a valid email address so that I can contact you for shipping info and choice of prize if you win.
  • Have fun!

Prizes: (your choice)
Prize-TshirtAmerican Casino Guide 2013 Front

2 thoughts on “Where In Vegas: Number Nine

    • You got it! Ronald’s Donuts (if you go, get the apple fritter) We’ve got another two time winner! Congratulations!

      Thanks for playing. We’ll be back at it again next month!