Yonaka Happy Hour

Updated on October 8, 2015.

Yonaka-EntranceWe decided to try Yonaka, at 4983 West Flamingo Road, late on July 4th. The day had been depressingly hot and, by the time we got our butts in gear, our favorite late night sushi place was almost closed. It seemed like a good time to try something new. Yonaka was on our list of places to try and – bonus – it had a late night Happy Hour from 11pm-2am.

Like many off-strip restaurants in Las Vegas, Yonaka is located in a strip mall. But while the outside may be unremarkable, the inside is beautiful, sleek and modern. The tables were comfortably spaced and even had a slot underneath to hold the menus out of the way. The feature wall that appeared to be made from blocks of wood was also pretty interesting.

Yonaka-Dining-RoomBoth the hostess (who was also the manager) and the waiter were extremely polite and helpful. Our waiter’s name was Michael and he was incredibly attentive and funny. He chatted and joked with us in between taking our order and delivering the food. At one point I looked absent-mindedly in his general direction and he came rushing over to see if I needed anything. I was a bit embarrassed to have bothered him but also a bit impressed.

We started our meal with the Edamame. Grilled with togarashi and lemon (in addition to the normal sea salt) it was surprisingly delicious. The bf doesn’t usually care for edamame but we found ourselves dividing up the final pieces.

After that promising start, our entrees started to come out. We decided to try one of the hot dishes in addition to sushi. The Karaage was described as fried chicken and was on the Happy Hour menu. Fried chicken doesn’t always excite me but this was good – lightly breaded and juicy with a nice tangy flavor.

Ibushi Hamachi

Ibushi Hamachi

For maki sushi, we had Negihama and Negitoro. Both were tasty and fresh – no complaints. We also had a roll called Ibushi Hamachi, which consisted of crunchy nuts, chewy dates, fish roe, yellowtail and crispy chips. The unusual combination of textures and flavors created a sort of explosion on the palate. I really enjoyed it.

Another interesting roll we had was the Midnight Roll. It consisted of eel, salmon, asparagus and jalapeno. It had more of an earthy flavor to it, overall. While the ingredients were fresh and good quality, I didn’t like it quite as much as the other rolls.

Sake Orenji

Sake Orenji

My favorite dish by far was the Sake Orenji. Sake (salmon) is my favorite fish and I never would have thought to place it on top of mandarin oranges. It had a sweet, citrus sauce and it tasted amazing. Supposedly it is one of their best sellers and I can see why!

Even after all the food we had, we were somehow talked into dessert. It might have had to do with the fact that they told us that everything (chocolate, sauces, sorbet) was made in-house. How could we pass that up?



We decided to split the Sorbet Trio and the Chokoreto. The sorbet was sweet, light and creamy with amazing flavor (strawberry, honeydew and blueberry). I was not as sold on the Chokoreto. The base of it was a chocolate mouse but with flavors of lime, avocado and mint. All of the flavors were very subtle but I still found the combination to be hard to process. I would recommend it to anyone who likes all of those flavors but I’m not sure if I would (personally) choose it over the sorbet.

I definitely want to get back here on a future trip and try more of the options on the main menu. The combination of amazing service, excellent food and a relaxed atmosphere make this hard to pass up.

  • Yonaka’s Happy Hour is offered from 5:00-6:30pm seven days a week, and again from 10:30pm – 12:00am Sunday through Thursday and 11:00pm-2:00am Friday and Saturday.

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